Cleaning up Social Media

Although limited recruitment activity occurs on social media sites please be aware some prospective employers are now researching candidates on these mediums to assess their social activities and lifestyle.  
Whether we like it or not, it's as simple as putting a name into google and a ton of information about an individual is likely to come up. (Try it with your own name, if there is anything that comes up that you feel may be inappropriate, you can then go on a hunt to get rid of it)
On most of our social accounts it's easy to change the settings so our photos and posts are private.
Facebook - Settings - Privacy 
Who can see your future posts - If you don't want your posts visible to the public change to Friends. 
Who can see your Friends list - Only Me 
Facebook - Settings - Timeline and Tagging
Who can post on your Timeline? - If you choose to keep your profile open to the public you may want to change this to Only Me.
Twitter - Privacy and Safety - Tweet Privacy - Protect Your Tweets 
Only people you accept to follow you will be able to see what you tweet.
Instagram - Privacy & Security - Account Privacy - Private Account 
This will protect your images from anyone that doesn't follow you from being able to see.  
Linked In - Settings & Privacy - Edit Visibility - Change to Your Network 
You can also turn on and off what is displayed on your page. 
It may be wise to go through your accounts and have a clean-up of your public and old posts, you don't want something written 5 years ago to put them off and jeopardise a potential hire. 
Your display photo is the first thing that is seen, so during the time you are searching for a new job it might be a good idea to avoid the beach body or drunken bar crawl photos to something more reserved. You don't need to make it as professional as your linked in photo but something that will portray you as a happy and positive individual would be good
You may be tempted to just simply deactivate your accounts and come off the radar rather than spending time deleting and hiding your posts however this does not always work in your favour. It is thought that not having any trace online can be suspicious as if you have something to hide.
Check your personal information and bio, often people forget to update this however it will help the person looking for you to find you rather than someone with the same name who may be representing themselves in an unprofessional manner.

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