CV mistakes you won't want to make!


Your CV/Profile is your single most important asset. It is vital that you invest the time in producing a document that at best probably has 1 minute to initially sell your skills. It should be easy to read, concise and relevant.

Here is a list to go through to make sure you are not making any mistakes on your CV 


Spelling mistakes and bad grammar

Always use spell-check and read through your CV carefully. Once you have finished get someone to check it over, a second pair of eyes is always a good way to spot any grammar issues.


Poor formatting

You need to make sure your CV makes sense to the reader even if they are not in the industry you are applying in. Keep your CV concise and clean. Hiring managers will spend a few initial seconds taking in your CV so it is essential you impress rather than confuse them with complicated layouts and fonts.


Too long and wordy

Use short, descriptive sentences and bullet points rather than long descriptive paragraphs, it will be easier for the hiring manager to absorb it quickly. If possible, try to keep your CV to 2-3, or at most 4 pages dependant on experience.


Be honest and don’t lie

It could cost you an excellent job offer if found out.


Social media blunders

Although limited recruitment activity occurs on the social media sites please be aware some prospective employers are now researching candidates on these mediums to assess their social activities and lifestyle. 

So maybe play down the beer can collection and the 5am clubbing for a while. If your social accounts are open for potential employers to see, have a clean up, you don’t want anything to put them off hiring you.


Putting off the Employer

Use your personal profile to show you are a unique individual rather than the cliché “ I am hard working and work well in a team.“ What makes you different? this will capture the potential employers attention and make them want to read on.


Lack of Evidence

Having gaps in your CV history  is fairly common however you must be able to explain this in your CV, A hiring manager doesn’t want to think you have been sitting around for the past year waiting for an opportunity. If you have been out of work for a long period of time they will want to know why. If you took time out for being unwell or for volunteering don’t be afraid to inform the employers of this.


Incorrect personal details

Make sure you have the correct contact details including Full Name, Address - Always include your postcode as this is often used by agency search engines in producing shortlists. Mobile, Linked In URL and Email – Make sure this is a professional address nobody wants to hire


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