Preparing for a Video Interview


Video interviews are becoming increasingly common, with busy hiring managers opting to use to communicate to potential employees when pushed for time or if they are living far away, we have some top tips to help you. Although this is a similar process to a face to face interview, you will need to prepare in a slightly different way. 

First things first, do you have a camera and is your sound and internet working? If you don't then you need to let your recruitment manager know as soon as possible.

Prepare Your Surroundings

  • It is important that you choose somewhere that is quiet with lots of bright light.
  • Position the camera on a high surface which is eye level to you, not too high and not too low. 
  • Don’t sit too close to the camera, let the interviewer see you from the waist up, that way you can work out how far you should be from the camera.
  • Test your camera is working and adjust the sound, you could always do a trial run and hit record so you can see how you come across.
Open the camera and look at the screen to see what will be visible to the viewer. A clean and tidy background will keep the interviewer focused on you so you should move anything distracting from the background.
Make sure you are somewhere that you won’t be interrupted, we all remember the time Professor Robert Kelly was interrupted by his kids during a BBC interview. Okay, so you're not on National TV, but a disruption like this could really throw you off. If you can arrange for a baby sitter or to do the interview at a time when the kids aren't at home this will make you feel more relaxed during the interview as you won't be worrying about the children making noise or coming into the room. 
Unplug the house phone, switch off your mobile and tell friends and family you are out to avoid all disruptions. 
Make sure your internet is working properly as you don't want the screen to freeze or disconnect during the interview. 
How to dress 
Even though you will be in the comfort of your own home it doesn't mean you can be relaxed in your pyjamas and slippers. You should dress as you would for a face to face interview to ensure you maintain a professional image. You may think that as you are seated and won't be seen you could wear tracksuit bottoms with a shirt and tie on the top, don't do this! You may have to get up to get something and forget, save yourself the embarrassment. 
During the interview
It's natural for you to automatically look at the person on the screen who you are talking too as you think you are giving them eye contact however you are not. Try to look at the camera when you are speaking, and you can look at the screen when you are being asked a question. 
You can have a pad of paper and a pen to hand in case you need to make any notes or want to remember some questions to ask. Make sure you don't read off of the page, try and remember your questions and only use it as a prompt.
Your body language can still be picked up on a video call, have good posture by sitting upright in a comfortable chair, you can rest your arm on the table but try not to slouch.
If for any reason you feel you wouldn't have the privacy in your home or your internet is down etc and you are one of our candidates applying for one of our roles, you are welcome to come down to our office and use our facilities to do this. 
Stay Calm and Good Luck.

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